Exciting news!

We’re in the midst of a blizzard here in the Northeast and I’m taking a break from shoveling to share some exciting news with you.  My curried apple tuna salad was featured on the Huffington Post! If you’re here from there, thanks for stopping by.  Grab a drink and take a gander. A great place to start is with one of my most popular recipes, and it’s a great winter breakfast recipe, peanut butter banana oatmeal muffins. 

As for what is coming up, I have some great winter posts in store for you over the next few weeks.  Here’s a few photos for a sneak peak:

Winter kale salad with a maple vinaigrette


Easy spaghetti squash with a basil pesto


Lightened up Nutella swirled banana bread

Nutella-swirled Banana breadStay tuned! And to all my northeast folks: stay warm and good luck shoveling!


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